This post is about what I have learned about visualizing data from 2019nCov-api. In order to visualize the data I will need to get the latitude-longitude reference. And I found two interesting APIs. Baidu Map vs Google Map.

The coordinate systems is actually quite interesting. Baidu Maps uses a variant of web Mercator projection for slicing map data into tiles with an underlying latitude-longitude reference - BD-09 coordinate system while the Chinese government is using GCJ-02. And the rest of the world is using WGS-84. The picture below showed the difference between those 3 coordinates systems.


👆This picture makes me want to compare Google Direction API with Baidu Direction API by drawing the same direction line on a map. 我灵机一动准备用同样的方法来比较一下谷歌地图API和百度API.

[ Baidu Direction API vs Google Direction API ] - [ 百度地图API vs 谷歌地图API ]


api endpoint:


api endpoint:

You can retrieve GCJ-02 coordinate from baidu api by setting ret_coordtype=gcj02. 百度地图的接口也可以将坐标系设为GCJ-02.

Let’s check the path from Chongqing to Beijing.

Google and Baidu recommended different paths. If you zoom in you will find GCJ-02 is a little bit different from BD-09. 百度和谷歌建议的路线不一样, 火星坐标和百度坐标又不一样👇

Let’s look at another question - how to draw a curved flight path

import math
from geographiclib.geodesic import Geodesic

 points = []
    # travel by flight
    if type == 1:
        geod = Geodesic.WGS84
        lat_0, lng_0 = geoLocation(s_city)
        lat_1, lng_1 = geoLocation(e_city)
        l = geod.InverseLine(lat_0, lng_0, lat_1, lng_1)
        ds = 100e3; n = int(math.ceil(l.s13 / ds))
        for i in range(n + 1):
            if i == 0:
                print("distance latitude longitude azimuth")
            s = min(ds * i, l.s13)
            g = l.Position(s, Geodesic.STANDARD | Geodesic.LONG_UNROLL)

🗺️ Have Fun Mapping 🗺️

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