This post is about how to terraform up a serverless, scalable and resilient lambda API. I am using the 2019nCov-api as an example. In addition, we will have a look at terraform’s built-in functions to make a more reusable modules for api gateway and lambdas. 前面几篇都是写dev的, 今天这篇来写云架构和terraform. 如何用AWS api gateway,lambda和dynamodb做一个轻巧,可扩展的适应性强的数据接口(p.s. serverless, scalable and resilient 这个我不知道该怎么翻, 反正就是这个☁️云架构精致,小巧且耐用) Use Case 用例 The use case is I want to build a simple API to allow user to retrieve coronavirus data.