Text Mining | NLTK | Python

In my previous posts, we have crawled some articles and news through RSS feed and HTML tags. We played with google’s nlp api and then as a developer without too much pocket money to play with. You end up looking for cheaper and better alternatives 👉nltk (natual language toolkit). Let’s break the sentence down and let your code to define how will it read 🤓 How about let the code understand your emotions and 👉 you to the grammar mistake you made.
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Text Mining | Google NLP | Python

So I have complained about the Google’s Spreadsheets API. After I crawled the news, I feel like I should do some text mining to break the sentences down and teach my algo to read the news. And I came across Google’s NLP API, Ha! I know I won’t like it but why not?

  1. let’s create a google-nlp class # Imports the Google Cloud client library from google.cloud import language from google.
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